The Laboratory of Thermal Turbomachines, through the participation in funded projects and motivated by the valuable gained experience, is capable to offer state-of-the-art validated (ISO standards) services.

Indicative services offered by LTT:

  • Diagnostic Systems set-up. Innovative techniques for engine monitoring and fault detection have been developed which are specially customized to meet the needs of each application.
  • Engine Models development. Innovative techniques have been developed resulting in comprehensive engine models for a large variety of engine configurations including innovative architectures (e.g. geared, contra-rotating, inter-cooled, etc) and technologies (e.g. active flow control).
  • Engine Testing which can be covered by the available low and high speed research & testing facilities.
  • Measurements on site can also be conducted by members of the group utilizing appropriate instrumentation available in the Laboratory.
  • Design and Analysis of gas turbine engines and particularly of their aerodynamic components. Through the latest methodology, in the field of turbomachines, design and analysis of components can be performed, especially for small-sized ones.
  • Gas Meter Calibration
  • Industrial Small Blowers Test